Blue Apron

I finally signed up for Blue Apron meals a while back after hearing it advertised on some blogs I listen to, so here are some of my thoughts about it. I mostly really like it but have a couple of small issues with it.

Seared Salmon with Spicy Beet & Millet Salad
My Seared Salmon with Spicy Beet & Millet Salad which I think looks pretty good for something made at home
Their Seared Salmon with Spicy Beet & Millet Salad that appears to have more beet & millet salad

For the most part it is great. You get 3 sets of meals for 2 people each week (6 meals total) for about $60. So that is $10 each meal. They deliver them in a box with all the veggies and other fixin’s sitting on top of a piece of cardboard and below are the meats in between two ice packets. Everything comes cold and ready to cook or put in the fridge.

The recipes are good, but keep in mind that they are full recipes, and include chopping, dicing and preparing all the items for the meal. It isn’t too hard to follow the directions, but I have taken longer to make meals than the recipes predict. And a couple of recipes have had very small errors, or confusing instructions. It would be great if they had an easier way to report those errors.

The main problems I have had is that I am single right now and I travel a lot, so getting 6 meals a week is too much. But they don’t have a 4 meal a week plan and I have missed the deadline a few times for skipping the week. So I have been scrambling to cook up all the meals before the fresh items go bad.

And another problem I have with most of the recipes is that they don’t have a lot of vegetables.  The beet and millet dish in the pictures is an example of a meal with very little beet and even millet.  Most meals seem pretty healthy, but the amount of vegetables usually is very small. Anticipating this for my current week’s recipes I grabbed a bag of chopped collard greens and some Brussels sprouts so I can add to the vegetables in the recipes. And that was just perfect for the recipe with collard greens.  When I looked at the bag of Brussels sprouts that was delivered, I was really glad I got more of those as well.

So, in general, I do recommend Blue Apron. It is fun to cook up very interesting real meals that can be hard to shop for in the right amounts of ingredients – or even find some of the ingredients.  They only thing they over-deliver on is garlic, which is fine because it isn’t good to break up garlic cloves, and there are always other meals to put garlic in.  Almost every single meal has been very good in my opinion, with a few being just OK.  And I have been learning a lot about how to cook, so I think that it is getting easier to follow the recipes as I get new ones.